Sam Serrano Jr.


Meet Sam Serrano Jr.

I heard the noise coming out of the American Legion hall, and asked if I could join.  They said yes!  I joined the local Drum and Bugle Corp., and was 7 years marching elbow to elbow with what became good friend, still play with them at 63 years of age. Joined the Senior Corp., at the age of 18, and now playing with two alumni Corps., some 40 years later, and also playing with The Skinny Mamie project; pushing the envelope, as they say, playing great songs and driving the beat. Growing up playing marches and pop songs, I am a big fan of good rock and roll too. Having spent a lot of times in many military camps along east coast, I learned about commitment and honor, and being part of a team. It’s an honor playing with Skinny Mamie, and hope to continue to do so.