Doug Chambers


Meet Doug Chambers

Hi. It all started with good genes. Thanks mom, and Jesus. I can’t leave him out on Easter.  I became inspired, by listening to my mom sing along to Connie Francis and Barbara Striesand.  At an early age, Mom met my step father, Lou Fioravanti, who in his day was a performer and Elvis impersonator . So, long story short, there were always guitars laying around. My older brother played Elvis.  The Jackson 5 and The Osmond Brothers were all playing on the radio or TV. I spent a lot of time hanging out at the JWM house, playing and singing.  Or John would be playing and us singing.  And, too, there’s the memory of listening to Mr. Marshall singing and playing “Have You Ever Been to Spain”.  The jam sessions on the Marshall’s back porch were always great and inspiring.  Before that, I started singing in grade school and joined Miss Amesteady’s choir.  In fifth grade, I was proud to have been given a solo in the play ‘Oliver’. But got in trouble one week before the show, and was kicked out.  Then in 6th grade I was a good boy and had a solo in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’.  I never really did much musically, other than whose ever house I was at, and there was a guitar in the corner to play.  I’ve seen a lot of great bands in my teen and adult years.  All the while, deep down, knowing someday I will try to do something musically.  So, finally after getting married and raising three daughters, I started playing in a band called Del Val, with my brother on bass and vocals. It has all lead me to the all inspiring musicians of the ‘Skinny Mamie’ Band, led by my life-long friend, John Marshall.